Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Friendly Turtle and the Last to Leave the Nest

 A friendly turtle from the woods stopped by for a visit today.
 It allowed me to take its portrait!
  I also discovered a gorgeous nest filled with Cardinal chicks. It was a rare and special treat to find birds still in the nest!

The proud parents were having a noisy spat with two rather large black birds when I discovered that they  were protecting their nest in the boxwoods. As I was taking the pictures, the male and female Cardinals were both in the branches above me, watching my every move.
 These pictures are of the last of three chicks who were leaving the nest. At first I saw three chicks, then two then this last one.....
These special visits by two and four legged friends reminds me to be open to their symbolic medicines  and be grateful for the quiet lessons they have for each of us.

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