Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Passion Flower (Passiflora incarnata)

 Passion flowers were documented by Spanish explorers in South America in 1569.  At that time, they were believed to be symbols of Christ. Various parts of the plant were believed to represent the various elements of his trials during the crucifixion. The three stamens represent the wounds, the twelve petals represent the Apostles and the corona represent the crown of thorns. 
This flower is also known as the flower of the five wounds or "La Flora de las cinco Llagas". The original Gaurani name is Mburucuya. In the area of Argentina known as Corrientes, this name is still used today to refer to this amazing flower.

Passion flowers are said to bring peace and harmony. They are associated with the planet Venus.

Passion flowers are prescribed in Western Herbal medicine. I do not have experience with this remedy but I have learned that the flowers and leaves are used as remedies to reduce stress.  

I have fallen in love with its other worldly structure, just looking at these flowers reduces stress! The colors are truly amazing.  

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