Monday, June 24, 2013

La Luna

The moon was so beautiful this week and there were clear skies for new pictures. 
This one was taken on Saturday evening just before the full 'strawberry' moon. A tricky walk through  a sparkling audience of fireflies gave way to the entrance of Accabonac harbor.

These lovelies below, were taken in the fog on Sunday evening at Gerard Drive.
The moon is symbolic of Yin and as it was so close to the earth this week, I thought about how this Yin element was effecting us. The moon is the matron to the water and all of the sea creatures. 
It is the guiding energy of intuition and the feminine.

When I think about following intuition I think about following the heart and trying to step out of the chatter of the mind. This little saying sits on my desk,  I am not sure of the origin. 

"It's impossible" said pride,
"It's risky" said experience,
"It's pointless" said reason, 
"Give it a try" whispered the heart. 

La luna, the moon, whispered her encouragement and sweetness into my heart this week. 

And so did the moths.

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