Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Language Older Than Words

At the moment I am reading a very powerful book;  A Language Older Than Words,
by Derrick Jensen. It has brought tears to my eyes more than once. He writes about nature, our relationship to it and our collective history of trauma.
There are times that I have to put the book down because it stirs something very deep within my core. There are sentences that make my heart ache with their truths, his words are polished, clear and direct. 
I have added Derrick Jensen's website to my 'sparkly people' list on my home page because 
his message is important.

I am about to start my three year training in Somatic Experiencing (a healing modality for trauma) in August and I wonder about how much of our collective traumas are acted out and imprinted on the natural world. The deeper that I go into the writings and context of Derrick's work, the more I see how these cycles of trauma have been carried on for many generations on so many levels. We have repeatedly dampened the natural world through our unconscious consumption and behaviors.
I am waking up, again.

I believe that the 'language older than words' is one that I know deep inside my soul. It is what the plants speak when we walk into a garden, or the trees sing when they are dancing in the wind. It is the gossip of the cat birds in the early morning hours,  the communication between colonies of mushrooms on the forest floor and the creatures of the canopies. It is a language spoken during my encounters with dolphins and whales in the open ocean.  I have learned that each part of the natural world has its own specific and perfect dialect, this form of communication is open for all of us.  

Derrick Jensen's work is encouraging me to speak with more confidence about what I see and experience through the lens of my camera. 
Just yesterday, the moth below visited my office window and stayed while I was giving treatment. The pen and ink illustration of moth antennae was found in an encyclopedia and all of these little treasures were found just outside my front door. 

I am inspired.


  1. Gorgeous-love the collage. Thanks for sharing your latest book, will look out for it. Lots of moths here too (my favourite is the humming bird moth which visits my lavender). Keep paying attention :-)

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I have wanted to see a hummingbird moth for such a long time, they are truly magical.
      I so appreciate you following me. Best wishes, Maria