Monday, May 27, 2013

Tree Peonies and the Magic of Light

These breathtaking beauties were in bloom this week. I had to cut the flowers because I was concerned that the wind and the rain would damage the delicate petals. We have had very cool and windy weather. The past few days have felt more like March than the end of May. 
The winds have been fierce and I have felt the energy of change coming through the cold winds.

Before the peony buds opened I took pictures of water droplets caught in the leaves. If you look carefully you may see my reflection as well as the tree tops. The water droplets look a lot like mercury. I was amazed by how clear the reflections are. In a single droplet
 you can see the sun, the clouds, the tops of the oaks and me. It is an unconventional self portrait!

Everyone who smelled these peonies fell in love with their light and generous scent. I dream of  reproducing it in botanical perfumery. It is sugary and delicate while elegant and soft.

More beauty from the garden.

Peony love.

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