Saturday, May 11, 2013

Narcissus Love

Five hundred new Narcissus bulbs were planted last Autumn, and the rewards were captured in the beautiful Spring light with my cameras. I have been sharing them with friends and clients and everyone has fallen in love with the intoxicating new scents.

There is fresh soft energy in the air that is welcoming. Even as I write this post we are having a soaking rain which will help the lilacs bloom and the the ferns unfold.

My own personal unfolding is taking form in the enrollment in a three year study of Somatic Experiencing, a method of treating trauma, designed by Dr. Peter Levine. I have read Waking the Tiger  numerous times and resonate with the approach of natural healing of the nervous system. I feel that this will be a wonderful new modality to incorporate into my practice and my everyday life. There is more information about this work on the website

Again, I am turning to nature for a deeper understanding of how we can heal and live more authentically in our bodies with ease, grace, expansiveness and joy. 

In my quiet time I sit with the flowers and watch them open. These blooms have inspired me for weeks now with their different colors of yellow and orange. This Autumn another 500 bulbs will go in the ground for more magic next Spring.

These lovelies inspired me so much! They remind me to stay in the 'beauty way'.
They are delicate and so full of grace, like elegant women.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

Eleanor Roosevelt

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