Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ranunculus and Other Beauties....

A gift of a Ranunculus plant arrived this week. Soon after I took pictures of these gorgeous flowers, I was gifted another beautiful basket of flowers!
Then...the Porcelain Hyacinth flowers under the Oak tree bloomed. There is so much activity and beauty to photograph this is hard to keep up. 
Ranunculus flowers are also known as Persian Buttercups. Ranunculus literally means, 'little frog' in Latin. In the Victorian language of flowers it means 'you are rich in attractions'.
There are approximately 400 species of this beautiful flower that originated in Asia minor.

 I am also working on my liquid perfumes at an accelerated rate, I am wanting to share the most delicious scents that I am making now. As soon as my perfumes have melded and been poured, I will make a post dedicated to their stories and ingredients.  I just finished my first perfume with Ambrette seed (Musk Mallow or Abelmoschus mochatus) in the base. The name of the perfume is 'Bosque' which means 'forest' in Spanish.
The perfume is sweet and expansive, with woody and citrus notes, it reminds me of the scent that rises from the earth just after a soft rain.

Ranunculus buds.

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