Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Pretty Medicine!

This has been a very full year with a lot of expansion and growth. This week marks the first anniversary of  my blog! The plant world has taught me so much on so many levels. Each time that I take a picture of a flower or a plant I am shown another aspect to it's healing potential and magic. 
My grandmother Isabelle May introduced me to this world at a very young age, her farm was a source of wonder and amazement. She taught me how to 'see' the natural world in her garden on top of a great big hill, surrounded by mountains, in West Virginia. She introduced me to the taste of ripe tomatoes with sprinkled salt, to crunchy home made sweet pickles, the delicious dark pink and earthy flavor of beets, and the sweet sound of snapping beans. 
She also taught me how to appreciate beauty.
I am dedicating this post to her as I still hold her so dear to my heart. Her botany books are in my library and I feel that her legacy has included the gifts of inspiration, curiosity and wonder.
In the picture below we are sharing a sweet treat.

My grandmother Isabelle May on a botany class trip. 

The pink glass cake stand belonged to my grandmother.

Thank you to everyone who has supported my blog this past year. All of your kind words
live in my heart. 


  1. Happy Birthday Pretty Medicine! Mia ,I so love to get these blogs. It's a joy getting to learn the complex meaning of a simple flower and experience you in your element. Your Grandma looks like my Gussie-i miss her so,she understood me better than my mom ever could.....and you cutie pie! Love and blessings this Holy Week..........

    1. Thank you so much beautiful Sue! With love, Mia