Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Promises of Spring

As the light shifts and the weather is warmer,  I am seeing more and more buds peeking out through the branches on the trees and shrubs.  I have been thinking about the potential energy of each and every bud. The Witch Hazel is open, the pears are being forced open indoors, and even my passion flowers  continue to open. 
The word for bud in Greek is gemma. All of the genetic and potential medicinal information for plants is stored in the buds. Gemmotherapy is a form of plant medicine that employes the buds of plants.
One of my favorite books of plant illustrations is the Guide to Flowering Plant Families by Wendy B. Zomlefer. In this book of excellent pen and ink illustrations, there are many exact and delicate images of plant buds. For botany lovers this book is a labor of love and a true delight.

The yellow and red flowers above are witch hazel.

 Pyrus calleryana the common name is a Callery pear. These buds opened inside in the soft light of the South.

This bud is a passion flower about to open.

Magnolia bud.

Lilac bud.

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