Sunday, January 29, 2012

Heart Blossom

One can never smell enough roses,  and as we are coming upon Valentine's day, I am thinking again about their exquisite beauty and fragrance. I have been collecting rose oils from different parts of the planet and discovering and exploring the richness and character of each type of oil. 
I believe that when we have these oils in our possession that we should honor them by storing them properly and administering them with tenderness and care. 
I continue to use rose oil in my practice when my patients present with anxiety, sadness or any kind of emotional upset. I always observe a shift in their energy when I apply the oil directly to the Heart channel, Lung 9, the Pericardium or Ren channel. One of my favorites points to apply rose oil is on the chest, it is Ren 17, this point is a known as the 'Upper Sea of Qi' or 'Center of the Chest'. This point is also the front Mu point for the Pericardium, which is the protector of the Heart. The concept of placing rose oil on a point that relates to the protector of the Heart feels significant. 
 This week I have been researching the incredible and lengthy process that goes into the manufacturing these oils and absolutes. When one realizes how much time, organic matter and labour is involved in making essential oils, they feel all the more precious.
I have also been reading about how the Yin and Yang nature of the the spirit of the Heart are symbolized in the flowers and thorns of the rose. According to Dennis Willmont  "These two aspects regulate the balance between conditional and unconditional love and make the rose a universal balm to the soul." He also writes that "Rose leads us towards the mysteries of creation and inspires us to find the divine in mortal life."

I have observed that when I use rose oil on myself on a regular basis I feel a subtle shift within my chest and I notice a brief blossoming or opening deep within my own Heart. I am also reminded  of a need to be still, practice and cultivate gentleness with self.  The first solid perfume that I made and really love is called Heart Blossom, as I am revising the formula of this perfume, I am reminded again of the elegance of roses.
The pictures above were taken in the magical gardens in Aranjuez Spain. 

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