Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Whale Medicine and Rainbows

Many people ask me why I swim with whales and the dolphins and why I would go to great lengths to have encounters with cetaceans in the wild. My journey into the ocean started soon after I began working with a medicine man who wore a whale's tooth around his neck during ceremony. I was so drawn to their power and legends that I arranged a trip to meet the whales in French Polynesia. I was moved by the grace and the power of these gentle and beautiful animals. Each and every time that I am in the ocean with whales it is like the first time. I feel like a child, delighted by simple magic.
There are very few words to describe what it feels like to meet whales or to hear them singing their song. Participating with nature at this level has become one of the greatest joys of my life. These experiences have transformed me at my core and always leave me hungry for more time in deep blue waters with these marvelous beings.
 I recently left the waters of Tonga with a knowing that everything is always in a constant state of flux, that no matter what life on land my bring, it will always change. I am also left with this impression....mother nature has a mind of her own and while we may feel like we are in control of our world and its outcome, she may have other plans for us.
Whale medicine is symbolic of joy, expansion of consciousness, resurrection, mastery, communication, song and creativity. Many Native cultures revere the whales for their connections to Spirit and to sun and the stars.This year I shared a part of my story in a small piece that I wrote for the Women's Broadcast Network. Here I describe how the medicine of the whales has transformed my life.
Rainbows appeared several times on this trip. For the first time ever,  I saw a double rainbow over the ocean!

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  1. Maria, These pictures are amazing. I am utterly envious of your trip. It's hard to find people who willingly connect and believe in whale medicine. I believe I am a descended Whale Medicine Woman.. I have seen many a shaman, all whom seemed to have the same story for me. It is my dream to swim with the whales, and be forever enchanted in their wisdom, grace, and beauty. I believe they not only hold the key to our leap into a higher consciousness, but the key to our past as well.