Wednesday, September 21, 2011


As the colors, scents and light are shifting here in this magical land of the Springs, I have been wondering where in nature I will find inspiration in the weeks and months to come.
 I have also wondered about the beauty behind the word 'inspiration', it's roots, origin and how it relates to this time of year. The root of this word is derived from the Latin verb to breathe in, 'inspirare'. According to the Mirriam Webster dictionary, several of the definitions of inspiration include the following; to influence, move or guide by divine or supernatural, to breathe upon or blow into, and my personal infuse life. 
In the Five Element system of Chinese Medicine we are now entering Metal phase in the seasonal calendar. This is the season in which the Lungs and the Large Intestine are most active in our bodies. It is during this time,  the fiery Yang of Summer moves into the Yin and more contracting and still nature of Autumn. We may need to pay special attention to the health of our Lungs as this is a time that deep seated emotion may arise. We may also need to focus on the process of elimination because in the Autumn, we release what we do not need as our bodies begin to sink into the energy of our roots and we evolve through the process of reduction.
Today I found inspiration from taking a picture of this beautiful dahlia from my garden, it seemed so perfect and symmetrical. The color and form of this flower reminded me to stay in the energy of 'inspiration' and to breath deeply in the shifting of this new season. 

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