Wednesday, December 26, 2018

New Light.

New light arrived this past week.
This morning there were pink sorbet clouds and aqua skies welcoming Winter.
There is a sweetness to this time. 
Diving into the softness of handspun, hand dyed wools, and the presence of amaryllis. Cloves and tangerines.
Custom botanical scents made for gentle beautiful beings, new scent discoveries.
I have been allowing the deep sleeps to draw me in and the restorative creative energy of Yin to fill and enrich my tissues. 
Broths made from smoked turkey, roasted Japanese sweet potatoes, rich dark vanilla and citrus infused teas.
The base notes of cistus and patchouli fill the air with frequent observations of the star filled sky and full moon.
This is the time for integration.
At the moment, one the the greatest gifts from Winter and nature are her botanicals that are being made into inks.

These beautiful colors, and this dreamy watercolor on the right were made from natural pigments of greenbrier berries.
Moving forward, I will share more of these gorgeous creations that have evolved from a curiosity of how to make beautiful inks from the natural world of Springs, East Hampton.
The materials have been foraged from the magical lands here, and I am delighted to explore and play with these magnificent colors in the new year. 
Wishing everyone much goodness and kindness in the days ahead. 

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