Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Transition to Autumn and the Metal Element

This is a bittersweet time. While I love the transition, the colors, the change in temperature and the sweetness of the decay, it is also a very precious and sometimes melancholy time. 
One hummingbird remains, Miss Flora is holding out and claiming her garden by staying true to her last flowers. She has graced so many of us with her presence and I am deeply touched, each and every time. 

Watching the eyes of my patients open wide with joy and admiration during her visits,  makes it all worth while. Thank you Miss Flora, Gaupo, Monica, and Mauricio the hummingbirds for staying with us for this short time and teaching us about your magic. 

In Chinese medicine, this is the time of year that we reflect, let go, become more pensive and attend to the health of our skin, large intestine, and lungs. We begin to eat more cooked foods, poach fruit and make warming soups. We gather the harvest, make our delicious creations and savor the last sunshine of the season through pungent or strong spicy flavors. 
We feel grateful. 
And full. 

This large and shimmery dragonfly appeared recently and offered itself to the camera. It stayed still for only a moment, long enough to capture the intricate and lace designs if its' iridescent transparent wings. Beautiful black shiny eyes of the flying dinosaur watched me closely as I approached with my telephoto lens. 

As the weather chills, more time will spent be re-reading the classical texts and the beautiful translations of the elegant calligraphy. I have the felt sense that the ancients are calling on me again to revisit the characters, the beauty of the hidden meaning,  and the dreamy moments of entering magical constellations of ancient wisdom. 

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