Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Kapoho Tidepools, Guapo the Hummingbird and the Solstice

With so many changes upon us today, I want to write about transformation and all of these big natural changes that we are observing in these fiery days.
Pele's glory has taken the coastline of the Big Island and made it new again with a raw and new beauty. I am in awe of her passion. I am transfixed by the intense and explosive lava and the magnificent colors, all shades of deep red and orange. She is burning through everything and demanding transformation.

I revisited these pictures from my last visit to Pele's lands. I am grateful to have these images of the tide pools before she reclaimed her magnificent garden.
And so we let go.
And allow.
Stay present.
And gentle.

In this collage is a picture of Guapo my returning ruby throated hummingbird.
Taken today during the last hours of solstice daylight.
Each and every time I see him my heart is filled with so much joy. He reminds me that change is a constant force of nature, we are always pendulating between different energy states. Just watching him is a reminder to stay fluid.

Guapo arrived during the cool Spring days and nights. He waited patiently for the flowers to bloom. Now that the garden is in full glory, he and Flora have returned with another male.
Every morning that I hear their wings beating outside the door I am filled with such gratitude and love for them. They make me feel hopeful and full of goodness. It is the kind of sweetness that I want to share with the good people in my world. And I want to say to everyone... that goodness, gentleness and beauty do prevail, in the end.

 Thank you Pele and the hummingbirds for sharing your magnificent gifts with all of us on the longest day of the year.

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