Saturday, February 17, 2018

The Pele Report.

Yellow Fronted Canaries and Saffron Finches grace the coastline, as they sing in tandem flying quickly among the tree tree tops. Darting from one branch to the next they search out sweet treats and sing their magical song. 
They are accompanied by bright green geckos drinking sweet fruit nectars and crimson orchids
sharing their delicate blooms.

Pods of dolphins surf the waves and spin freely over coral reefs, while misty clouds cover the towering tropical trees. Sea urchins gently dance in small volcanic pools filled with broken shells, coral and miniature purple snails while shy quick crabs snag morsels from the black rocks in between gentle waves. 

Curious spinner dolphins. 

A strong and tumultuous rain cleared Pele's clouds and smoke. The power of nature has revisited me from the inside out and I am always in awe when I feel this kind of natural reorganization. 
It feels as though these deep realignments are needed at this time. Sometimes deep sighs of knowing and salty tears accompany these moments of recognition. 

Each and every element has its place in the wholeness of nature. In keeping with the changing rhythms of nature, I have taken every opportunity to take pictures of anyone willing to sit with me and my camera. I am so deeply grateful to all of the beauties I was able to connect with, while Pele's presence embraced us, she watched all of us meet under her fiery and tender gaze. 

Thank you dolphins, and whales for your gentle presence and generosity. 

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