Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Energy of Transformation

Spring feels like it might be right around the corner. 
Yesterday, I had this beautiful picture taken of me for my new online store.
The sky was sunny and there was a promise of transformation and new beginnings with the arrival of longer days and daffodil leaves peeking out of the ground.  

I added my favorite moths to the mix of Chrysanthemums and Wax flowers, the result is quite magical. I have been finding inspiration from the simple spaces in between forms and light. I especially love how  the flower petals create such intricate patterns. 

The time of darkness, rest and nourishing Yin are necessary so that when the burst of Spring energy, the energy of rising sap and Wood arises, we are nourished and prepared for  the growth spurts.

The Snow drops are in bloom, this is a welcome sign that Spring is on its way. I am wishing everyone a smooth and graceful transition.

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