Monday, December 10, 2012

All that Sparkles

As the holidays are upon us, I am making my gift cards with glittery goodness and shimmery sparkles. I am also making essential oil blends, perfumes and creating new pictures for my new on line store!

My recent additions include botanicals that seem to kiss the stars!
The above image is a Camellia and the image below is Digitalis. 

Below are my new pillows and  iPhone covers......they are super sparkly too! 
There are so many new and amazing possibilities! For more images, you can visit my shop.  
The link is:

A special thank you to the super talented Justin Smith who has shared so much of his own magic with me through Photoshop. 
For private lessons he can be reached at

Wishing everyone a very happy and shimmery holiday season.

Sparkle on!

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