Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Messenger of the Heart

Maybe there is something in the stars this month, or maybe it is time to pay attention to the voice that speaks from the inner chamber of the Heart. I have recently been inspired by the writings of several sparkly people. They shared their truth as they are seeing and experiencing the events of this very accelerated time. Their topics are centered on the energies of going inward, reviewing our truths and speaking this inner knowing or wisdom from our Hearts. 
In my practice, this has been the theme for several weeks. As I was writing this I decided to chose a card from my deck of orchid essences, each one represents a different virtue or healing capacity. Low and behold...I picked the 'Messenger of the Heart' essence. 
(This orchid essence comes from the Living Tree Orchid Essences from Scotland. Their link is on my home page. This particular orchid is Phragmipedium Grouville.) 
This flower essence 'gives voice to the heart and communicates what you are feeling, without fear of the consequences for speaking your truth. To help become more aware of what is deeply valued within the heart.'
It is profound that I picked this essence because I have been thinking a lot about how our bodies and our health can be deeply affected by holding back our truths. Emotions like anger, grief and the energy of resentment can build within our systems leading to a cascade effect which can effect our immune system. We can also feel out of sorts, tired,  ill at ease in our bodies and know that we are feeling a bit 'off'. 
I feel that when we speak our truth, we must dip into great courage and then many subtle and profound things can happen, ultimately for the good. 

This lovely rose bud has been opening outside my window. Since roses speak to the heart I decided to add these pictures. 
As the light is changing all of the colors seem to be glowing and the last precious moments of summer are being savored.

The truth is always exciting. Speak it, then. Life is dull without it.

Pearl S. Buck

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