Monday, August 1, 2011

A New Friend.....a Katydid (Tettigonia Viridissima)

While on a morning walk this week, I stopped to speak with one of my favorite neighbors who lives down the street. A gorgeous green fairy like creature flew past me and landed (literally) at my feet. It was a Katydid. I invited it to crawl up my fingers and it sat perched on my middle finger as my neighbor and I studied this intriguing  creature. I brought it home with me and gently placed it on one of my calendula flowers. It stayed there exploring the flower for quite some time and allowed me to take it's picture. 
 Katydids carry the 'medicine' of transformation through heightened awareness and sensitivity. They also remind us  to prepare for changes ahead as they themselves evolve through a life cycle of five stages in their molting process. 

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